Every brand is an individual

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At LivingBrand, we believe it’s their human qualities that make brands amazing; their personality, their sense of purpose, their creative spark. Our team brings together strategy, design and digital innovation to find exactly what makes your brand an individual.

Camerich — Inspiring Interiors

Rottnest Is 30 minutes and a million miles away

The Leighton — Signature beachfront living

Taskers — Live on the river, by the sea

Healthy Choices, Healthy Futures

Our Work

Our Voice

Our Process

  • Brand Blueprint

    Here we define who you are, what you stand for, your point of difference and your unique positioning. This is important in defining the brand’s purpose for being and its role in achieving that purpose.

  • Concept Development

    Our favourite brands talk to us not only via the product itself but also by how they look, sound and behave. Great brands aren't simply a logo, but an entire suite of elements in support.

  • Brand Application

    It's at this stage that your conceptual work becomes actual design pieces and the brand toolbox is developed and defined.

  • Brand Delivery

    Growing up requires the right combination of rules and freedom. We provide the platform to launch your brand and for it to age gracefully over time

We had the privilege of developing the brand for the historic Minderoo Station and the Mustering Residences http://t.co/u2bHCpF3y5

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  • LivingBrand understands your business and can fully integrate themselves into the process. It is this level of commitment that enables them to deliver superb creative strategies and successfully implement them. — Danae Martin. Brookfield Multiplex.

  • LivingBrand apply a finely honed understanding of brand development to our project marketing; combine this with sophisticated strategic creative thought, brand strategy and exemplary account service - LivingBrand never disappoint. — Nicole Milanko. ABN Group.

  • LivingBrand is an inspiring, energetic and creative group backed by strong strategic thinking. Their ability to quickly grasp the challenges and opportunities is refreshing, making them standout in their field. — Robyn Cubis. Cubes Marketing & PR.

    Key Personnel

    • Christine Fough

      Account Director

      Often found with a glass of wine in her hand whilst pruning her bonsais. Christine has UN grade negotiation and diplomacy skills.

    • Nicola Mansfield

      Strategy Director

      Nicola is very clever, but doesn't make a big deal about it. Oddly enough, she loves taking notes and drawing diagrams.

    • Henry Luong

      Creative Director

      True crime aficionado, keen cook, ex-chatroom moderator and occasional university lecturer.

    • Daniel Elliott

      Design Director

      In business before he was in business, Daniel has partially climbed Mt Everest and was once a revered football referee.

    • Ryan Vincent

      Brand Designer

      Curtin's graduate of the year in 2013 and chicken teriyaki lover Ryan can frequently be found with 4 wheels beneath his feet.

    • Dan Barrett

      Digital Developer

      Dan sees the world in 1s and 0s and can dodge bullets in slow motion. He still finds time to ride a bike to work.


    Brands going mobile in a digital economy

    Brands going mobile in a digital economy

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